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RS 20090724
where you can catch him playing tonight. >> shawn laces up his dancing shoes for lesson number three and this week he conquers the one move that’s beenmoha holding himim back. i think it’s justit sg hello. >> we’re gri>>lling up rib eye with chef kevin delibero from the newport restaurant. we’re grilling up werib eye.ng get the recipe on foxprovidence.com. >> i just went t o trio, which w is where kevin deliberoer works, oh my goodness. delicious. >> good mo rningoorn everybody.dy welcome to “the rhode show.” we made is another i friday, july 24, 2009. where is the summer going? >> i don’t know. it’s raining out there, it’s been raining all night. thera flood watch. tc we’ll talk to pete mangione about that. where is michelle when youu need her? just kidding.di >> she’s on vacation. i hope she has better weather. >> good morning, i’m elizabethab hopkins. rebecca johnson, our, executive p



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