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RS 20090721
telling you today that i’m truly, truly sorry and i a wasn’t able to handle the situation differently and better. >> this morning on “the rhode show,” chris brown apologizing zi for the first time publicly since the february incident with rihanna. the question is, is he truly sorry? >> and we’re going to lighten the mood a little bit. this morning, we’re live at mccoy tammy as crews set up for tonight’s big bobig dylan concert and there’s still a chance tonc win tickets this morning. >> in the kitchen, anotherit world of flavors vowinner, we welcome back the folks from kabob and ob curry this morning.rn get ingredients at foxprovidence.com.xp >> it’s tuesday,tu july 21, i’m vince dementri. >> and hello, i’m danielle north, in for elizabeth hopkins today and shawn isd out live on assignme nt this morning. wse’ll nge’ check in with him at w mccoy in a a couple of minutes. >> what’s going o



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