RS 20090720

RS 20090720
ever want today know about rhode island. the author of rhode island 101 is here to give us a little ltl lesson on the oc ean state.ea >> in the kitchen, it’s anotherno world of flavors winnerin, blaze eastside is cooking along with “the rhode show.” good morningod everybody. welcome to “the rhode r show.” it’s monday, july 20, 2009. i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. shawn is off this morning, he has a couple of little assignment things to do. but first of all, want to tell you i have this great prize sitting next tott me. it won’t even stand up, it is so heavy lay den. i’m surprised thispr isn’t stolen, because we havee av autographed baseballs, johnll mellencamp, who else is it, rebecca, willie nelson and bob dylan are going to be playinge on tuesday, july 21 at mccoy stadium, and so we’re givinge away this prize pack that i’m again trying to hold up. that’s heavy stuff, we



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