RS 20090716

RS 20090716
do you believe in magic? if you don’t, you might after today, because master my gig ilmet is h and yes, he will be sawing one of us in half. >> i’ll tell you one thing i’m sawing in half and that’s chicken. we’re back in the kitchen with tv’s maitre d’, joe zito. get the ingredients now. >> they may be cooking chicken, but there’s a couple of hams. >> don’t want to believe out gonagra — john granata, he is the guy cooking the chicken. goat morning, it is thursday, july 16. i’m vince dementri. >> and i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m shawn tempesta. >> you’re going to be sawed in half. >> i’ll give him a $20 bill. i’m scared. when you’re in the business, getting your contract cut in half literally. >> i saw the saw,t really is like a saw that you use outside to cut trees and that. this isly legitimate — this is legitimate. >> there may has been new contest quicker than we thought. don’t for



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