RS 20090715

RS 20090715
up, aiming to smash records with this blockbuster movie opener. >> how about a new mattress? hey, boys. we’re going to tell you how you could win a gift card from cardi’s furniture and “the rhode show.” >> did you notice the guy with the potter video, he was holding a light saber in his hand. >> we continue our backyard barbecue series. we are grilling swordfish with the coyne family. get your ingredients right now at foxprovce.com. >> they’re all good to go. >> i’m so excited for this moment. go ahead. >> good morning. welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s wednesday, july 15, twain 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> it’s hump day. >> listen, i’ve been gone a little bit. i think they took some of my memory with me. >> and it’s going to be a beautiful hump day too. >> it’s going to be gorgeous. good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m shawn tempesta. good morning everybody. yesterday was excitin



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