RS 20090714

RS 20090714
>> the race is on. lily shawn and myself face off in the battle of bastille days. >> and see where you can catch great deals for our local restaurant. >> i say we have a karaoke contest. we need to do it. >> in the kitchen this morning, it’s another winner interest the world of flavors, done jose at tequilas is in the house. >> we’re going to find out how good it is in a few minutes. good morning, welcome to “the rhode show” everybody. it’s monday, july 14 — >> no, it’s tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> it’s ok. >> my name is is — hold on a second. ame is vince dementri. my mom wrote me that in there, ok. good morning everybody. >> good morning. i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m ron birdie — shawn tempesta. >> i understand we have a little snack here. courtney was asking about this. >> mine is hanging outside. courtney is the only one that has hers inside. it is a lovely also croissant. t



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