RS 20090713

RS 20090713
its pinup style. we’ll show you how you can transform into another era. >> plus, in the kitchen, we’re going to be checking in with one of the winners from the world of flavors event. we’re making crepes from the crepe arie. >> good morning everybody. welcome to rode rode. it’s monday, july 13. 2009. and rumors of my passing, they may have been exaggerated. i’m vince demtri and i am back. >> and i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. >> i have an event i did over th weekend and i’m going to ask courtney to pull the picture. nothing too scandalous, while you tell about what you did yesterday. >> we had the world flavors event great convenient, there was so much food, some different restaurants. >> it was so g i was there. >> for those of how were at home, man, it was crazy, because way too much food. there were winners from four different categories, american, asian, indian, an



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