RS 20090709

RS 20090709
star shows the inside info for the new season that starts tonight. it’s the portuguese princess, move over susan hogan. >> in the kitchen — >> sorry. oh, you’re still here. >> in the kitchen, we’re introducing to you a new world flavor. today, a little bit of an indian inspiration. >> i happen to love indian food, i’m really excited did this. you’ve been to dewolf tavern. >> i have not been. >> but everybody says you have to go to dewolff tavern. it’s like one of the top places to go in the state. >> any food that’s cooked for me, i love. all i know the chef is in there is going to make you feel very short. >> he almost doesn’t fit the camera. >> it’s unbelievable. >> wouldn’t be the first time i felt short. anyway, good morning. >> sure, yeah. >> i made a vow that — because — >> what was your vow. >> i made many, but there’s only a few i can share. on dues, i was on with you folks an



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