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RS 20090707
the staples center and we’ve got live and complete coverage. >> summer is here finally and it’s time to take the kids out to blame we’re going to share some fun spots for you and your family. >> [inaudible] a world of flavors, we’re making cevicchi and you can get the recipe at foxprovidence.com. i’ve never had cevicchi. >> good morning and welcome to “the rhode show.” it is tuesday, july 7, 2009, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i think after my great start, i k you know who i am, i’m the goofy parts guy that’s usually on at night. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. i’m getting used to waking up early again too. patrick, it’s ok. i’m with you. >> patrick has actually been battling through a lot. first of all, you’re in for vince this morning so your whole day is slipped up by now. secondly, you’ve been doing a little bit of home repair. >> >> i just wants to let you know when i’m here at night doing s



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