Royal Scoop Homemade Ice Cream

National Ice Cream Day / Royal Scoop Blood Drive – Sunday, July 18
>>> royal scoop homemade ice cream voted the area’s best ice cream for 11 delicious years. david zimerman, congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve co cummings both are ask from royal scoops. >> that’s right. >> this sunday a really big day. national ice cream day. you can win this, a year’s supply of free ice cream. this is not even the whole year’s worth, is it? >> it is just shy of a whole year. >> okay. it looks like it. details on that coming newspaper a minute. congratulations on 1 # 1 years. 11 years. what do you think that makes royal scoop award wining. 30 years plus? >> it is a great combination most businesses use. ours is very simple. great ice cream, we use stelar products to ingredients to make all the stuff and combine that, that’s not enough these days, we combine that with outstanding service. our staff just gives stellar service. >> you really do. >> keeps people coming



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