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palm chocolates offers artisan belgium chocolates from our next get phillip and stephanie. welcome to “the morning blend.” >> thank you. >> we have a peek at the royal palm chocolates menu. we are talking chocolate, not chocolate dip, not chocolate covered but chocolate enrobed? >> enrobed. >> you enrobe them? >> absolutely. >> here is what they enrobe in belgium character lates, pretzels, marshmallow, candy bars, how to get a free bun, bark, roasted nuts, royal palm chocolates specializes in chocolates for wedding, corporate and special events. coming up we tell you how to get a candy bar. what are we looking at now, phillip? >> that is a chocolate show piece. >> what is that exactly? >> all made of chocolate, both items you see there. i try to make one or two of those a year actually for holiday times. probably try to do one for valentine’s day as well. >> that’s another one. >> an old



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