Rotary Club Of Blair

Come sample wine and beer and do it all for a good cause! Denise Dein is here with all the details on the September 25th event in Blair!
. net. mike? >> thanks. >> and we will have live music. here is the rotary club. good to see you. i know there are some that know. >> it is the first service organization there are millions there. >> and what do you promote? >> the biggest thing at blair we donate scholarships to seniors. we try to do approximately 10 every year. other than that we work for organizations like the zambia project to get them clean water the other item that is big now is polo plus. rotary is the organization work to eradicate polo. it is so close. >> it is. we’ve had other people on the show talk about it as well. >> the producers always seem to put me behind the wine and beer on these segments. tell me about what you have coming up. it is a fundraiser? >> yes. it is a fundraiser. we do wine and beer tasting for about an hour then we’ll have a live auction and a live dance. and i imagine it will go well. >>



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