Rosie’s Place

Jsut like grandma used to make
>> andi: our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always beautiful. always by design. we’re here with debby in the kitchen from rosy’s place. a new restaurant that opened up in noblesville in the fall. who the heck is rosy. >> rosy was my grandmother. my father’s mother, and my dad was in the restaurant business, and my grandmother worked in the business. when we found the spot on the square in noblesville, it was just fit by kind of her time and we just–we just loved the space. we loved being on the square. and so it just seemed fitting. >> andi: you named it after your grandmother. >> we named it after her. >> tracy: a lot of people looking for location they’re looking at traffic pattern and access, and there are some fabulous restaurant that seem to be in unfortunate locations. at least from the outside they don’t have the mystique. so it’s interesting that you made such a big



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