Ronzio’s BBQ Chicken & Pepperoni Pizza

We’re cooking Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza & Pepperoni Pizza in the kitchen with Ronzio’s.
i’m so excited, what’s going on? >> oh, who doesn’t love pizza. admit. ronzio’s is here, they have 14 — what? >> 21. >> 21, it’s got to be good if they have 21 locations around the state. we have julian here and we’ve got abdul and nice to meet you gentlemen. first here. tell us the first pizza that we’re going to make, give us an idea of how the operation works. >> ok. today we’re going to make two pizzas, a barbecued chicken pizza and a pepperoni pizza. our two most popular pizzas, traditional pizzas. so we’re going to spin the dough, we made the dough at one of our stores, we didn’t actually mask it here today,. >> ok, now is there a special way to make dough? is everybody’s dough the seam or dog everybody do something different? >> everybody does something a little different, we have a very stiff dough, so we have our own reese piece, our own — recipe, our own flour and we use the



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