Romantic Wines

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we’re going to talk about a nice, romantic dinner at home, dinner for two. we’ve selected this morning some just really amazing wines that i think are romantic. i think in our country, we don’t spend enough time on sparkling wine or champagne. it is kind of a lost art in our country. in italy, in spain, in france, they drink a lot of sparkling wine and champagne. this is baccarosa, slightly sweet, pink, sparkling wine, beautiful in the glass and really our number one selling sparkling wine in our store and something that the pink color gives a little bit of romance to it. if you’re not into the bubbles we can go with a clear nice riesling, not supersweet, so it would go well with all of the food you’d be serving. this pinot noir, a nice oregon pin o. oregon is a really great place, i think they make the best pinot noirs that there are. this is lang, small family owned winery. then we hav



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