Romantic Getaways At The Bee & Thistle Inn

Enjoy a romantic weekend at the Bee & Thistle Inn.
anniversary or just w ant a weekend away f rom the kids,i the bee & thistle inn and spa an has just what you’re looking for. when you approouacah this beautifulth old house in old lyme, you will find the stepsp with flowerwe petals, or a co acktail in a sittin gsi room, stroll through the beautiful gardens, trust me, the bee & thistle inn and & spa is al about romance. as far as a romantic diner goes, they have that to. and we’re justed by you two,ut great to have you.e >> thank you. >> we were talking earlier and we are making something fabulousu and desurprise a nice tuna nic tartar. the most important te hing is the quality of the tuna. go to a very god fiosh market. we will make a quick, simple market made. >> it should look as such, have that nice — >> we want bright red, don’td want gray or brown, nice bright red. >> this is fairly simple, you say. >>sa yes. >> how lon



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