Romanelli’s Deli Where Food And Family Come First

Enjoy a real Italian experience at this restaurant that has been serving the Valley for 30 years.
>>> some say it is the best place in town to get awe then i can italian — authentic italian food. >> basically they have been in town almost 30 years. what we try to do is bring back a little taste of home, a little taste of back east, a little taste of italy. as soon as they walk in the door, they smell it, and that’s the first thing people say when they walk in. they say wow, i smell home. i smell grandma. i smell mom. mom’s cooking, grandma’s cooking takes them back. >> family-run, it’s basically anything you find here is something that we’re going to eat ourselves, you know what i mean? you come in, not only do we carry specialty oils, and deli cold cuts, sandwiches, pastas. you find, i want to say home in a sense. this is one of the signature sandwiches. it is a homemade italian sausage, we fix it up with peppers, with onions, put it on a nice roll. the second item here, this is th



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