Rollin’ Smoke BBQ Continues BBQ Week

The guys of Rollin’ Smoke share their story and their bbq
interested in adopting a pet, head on over to nspca on dooley drive and give them a call at 702-873-7722. [music] >>kendall: i am fired up! it is barbecue week here on las vegas now. we continue things today with nspca one. chef jim, big mike, fantastic barbecue.where canceling the rest of the show. all we’re at going to do for t next 45 minutes or so will be phenomenal. i’m kidding about that, but man. you guys have been in town for how long now? >> five years. >>kendall: five years, three locations, you have won all sorts of rewards, trophies are out here right now. you’ve been listening to the top 20 barbecue in the nation. fantastic! how did you guys get in this? chef jim you’re telling me a little bit. >> is started off in the hospital, they sent me to school. i did my trials from california to ohio to las vegas. i hooked up with nspca one in 85 with. [inaudible].when i walked out,



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