Rocky’s Strawberry Jalapeno Cheeseball

Rocky’s Strawberry Jalapeno Cheeseball
>> andy: rocky in the kitchen. he brought me gloves. that means he’s putting me to work. speaking of doing some work, chef rocky, you have won another award, and it was something we actually cooked right here in the studio. tell us about it. >> you remember a couple weaks ago i did the tea poached salmon. i used the tea in that recipe, and it’s actually an international competition. 60-plus countries entered, and i won the grand prize. so that recipe that we did here on “studio 4” beat 60 other countries in a tea recipe contest. >> andy: he said hold back, hold back, andy. i need you to take a picture. he takes a picture and then i took a bite. that photo of that recipe you sent in, you won. so what’s the grand prize? what do you win? >> i’m going to spend six days in sri lanka. >> andy: no big deal. >> it’s the tea capital of the world. sri lanka used to be called “silan,” which is wher



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