Rocky’s Hack-tober: Steamed Artichoke & Mayonnaise

Rocky’s Hack-tober: Steamed Artichoke & Mayonnaise
>> andy: welcome into the kitchen. we’re taking things you can use in your kitchen and hacking them up. now this is underrated. >> meaghan: it’s underrated as a cooking ingredient, but it’s overrated as decor. you see it all over the place. >> andy: but you’re like, it’s better if you eat it. >> i would think so. >> andy: it’s a good appetizer. >> most people think of the artichoke heart, but that’s a small portion of the entire globe artichoke. so we’ll get to work with that particular “indigo lake” — ingredient today. while you look at that artichoke, we’ll start off with first hack of the second installment of hack-tober, which is how do we choose a good artichoke? >> andy: how do you choose? >> you want the feel it. make sure it feels dense, but a good telltale sign is to look at the leaves and make sure the leaves are very tightly compact in here. so you see how we have a nice, tig



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