Rock’N Ribs – Hy-Vee – 4/19/17

Rock’N Ribs – Hy-Vee – 4/19/17
trivia” sponsored by dr. jody vance, periodontics! yes! interesting. >> jeremy: welcome back to the show. chef brian with hy-vee and the market grille is here with us today. first of all, we love hy-vee, the market grille and your food! >> guest: thank you. >> kelly: we love you too! >> jeremy: thank you for coming. you’re going to be with us at the 18th annual rock n ribs this weekend. what are you doing at rock n ribs? >> guest: the people’s choice, the sampling and the competition. >> kelly: you’re doing the competition. >> jeremy: what are you doing in the competition? >> guest: we’re doing like everybody else, pork butt, ribs, brisket and chicken. >> jeremy: can i ask you a chef question, chef? recently, we’ve seen a resurgence of pork belly and butt. do you have to put belly and butt in the title of these to make it sound more appetizing. >> kelly: i didn’t realize there was a resu



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