Roberto’s Braciole

We’re cooking Roberto’s Braciole with Chef Marcelo Girola from Roberto’s Restaurant.
on over to the kitchen, where patrick is with roberto’s restaurant.o’ >> there are a lot of great restaurants in rhode island as we kno w and a lot of great restaurants if bristol as i know, as i live there and making the first appearance on “the ” rhodeod show,” roberto’s, and this is marcella and this loo tks throughout absolutely awesom ae. i’m going to tryin to pronounce this, it’s roberto’s rigoli. i tried three times this morningth to practice it, and i just don’t tdo it. you take over. what have we got. >> we have shitake mushrooms, msclarified butter, stock, white wine, fresh spinach, a mixture of bread crumbs and ritz crackers and cheese. these will bell taking care of the stuffing and we also have the sauce ingredientsen here, roasted garlic, lingaberryy jam, and some ricotta cheese,tt butter andte garlic. .>> there you go. this is the pounded veal right ea here. >> pounded rea



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