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Two tomato recipes
again and if you are a martha stewart like our sonia, you know as well as she does that thedo expiration date for those lovely love apples, known as tomatoes, that is how they refer to it in italy. al >> is that what hlove apples are. >> and the expiration date on those tomatoes is fast approaching. >> so what doo you with all of them? here to share her tomato secrets from robert treat farms is our good friend, annalisa. >> great to have you again. >> great >>to be here.e where are my tomatoes. >> it soundsso lovely when you says it. let’s talk about what we’re making today because you have two thin gs you’re making today.n >> absolutely, and they’ret both fast, fresh, easy and you readlly don’t need to think about it too much, you just need realy good fresh ingredients, tomatoes andnd basil. >> and basil. so what’s the first one. >> i’m actual’ly going to put you both to work with t his



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