Rob On The Morning Blend

Milwaukee Home & Fine Living Magazine editor Rob Bundy visits the Morning Blend
all the inside scoop on that project in the very latest addition of milwaukee home and fine living magazine. >> rob bundy is editor-in-chief and here to talk about that and some delicious pies with a recipe you can have, too. i notice you didn’t bring those pies. i don’t know how you feel about that. >> my first subscribers. >> i can’t give a testimony to the taste then. [ laughter ] >> yeah. we need to be tasting. >> don’t take my word for it. buy the magazine or go to the restaurants, honey pie and in bay view >> might have to try that. >> fantastic in how about it. >> let’s start with the mansion shall we. >> you are calling it the mansion revisited. why. >> what’s great about that it was an amazing house in the first place built in 1914. architect was richard phillilps and builder albert and it is 18,000 square feet. cozy. >> yeah. >> small. >> and 10 bathrooms. it is a huge place. >



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