Roasters Rave As Chile Harvest Begins

It rained at the right time boosting both the flavor and heat of the chile crop Albuquerque roasters say is now coming on the market.
get your noses set. the aroma of roasting g reen chile will soon beil everywhere. and this year there will beth wilots of chile to roast. news 13’s kim holland reportsho d the weather’se been just right to produce a bumper crop: farmers say rain at the right time and the perfect rftemperature isis allowing for an ex acellent crop . new mexico state university chile researcher stephanie walker says we didn’t have disease orha insect issues as in years past. pathat means you are already seeing chile readyse for roasting a tr stores all over the state. the frailty of theth growing chile is the reason so many farmers have folded. according to national agricultural data, new mexico has seen the number of acres farmed for green chiles steadily decline.de it’s gone from g 20,000 at the start of the decade to just more than 12,000 last year. growers say you can expect the flavor and thehe heat t



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