Roasted Tomato Brisket W/ Potato Kugel

We’re cooking Roasted tomato brisket with potato kugel and sautéed fresh spinach with Rose Forrest of Daniel Gourmet Kosher Catering, Inc.
speakibung of fun, we’ll head into the kitchen. pat trek, what is going on? >> we’re per sonning up in here. we have rose forrestre from daniel da gourmet kosher catering.ko c welcome to “th e rhode show.”” look at this smorgsaboard of ingredients. take me through the process.ro >> we’ll start with the brisket. >> this is the more than stuff. >> yes, this is the importantmp stuff. it’s going to be a big piece of brisket, you’re going to put tomato paste, salt, pepper, garlic, bay leaves, brandy, simple. and poupt the vegetables on top. you have for the potato kugel, fresh herbs, salt, pepper, and sauteed spinach. >> and look at thatndk piece ofe meat. >> that’s the>>t’ brisket. >> >> find the recipe on line at l foxprovidence.com and later in the show, we’ll come’e backe and a put all ofal this together. how long does this tw ake thto cook, the wholeol process, start tost finish. >> the



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