Roasted Squash

We’re cooking roasted squash with Bob Burke from Pot Au Feu.
am i eligible? good luck to all. for now, we’ll go to the kitchen, vince is coo iking and vince, you’re with bob burke. >> bob just told t me we’re’r doing squash today, hence the big b knife inside the sinquash. bob burke is here from — i never pronounce thison correctly, but i’ll give it a shot, po porta — pot. put them all together. >> it’s like we’re in the sound t of music. what was the one, harry higgins, the rain in spain fallsn mainlyin on the porta fleur. everybody comes in and doesin alloe the sexy foods and the latest l in the food line. we’re doing squash today.g >> you know what, simple is sometimes the best. >> the thing abohiut squash, it’s easy to prepare, extremely nutritious food, you have a load of flavor, and you can take itke either from a very simplee level l of just baked, as j i’m going to show i today with maybe a little kinki monday, allda the — cinnamon, cmo



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