Roasted Sausages

Roasted Sausages
> it is on in hampton roads show kitchen.e we have a lot to do and not a lot of time. i know we can do it. robert cillizza is back from city dock restaurant. he has dessert over here. i am going to pretended i don’t see that so we can focus on the main course. sausage and peppers you are taking it to the next level. > making it like a dinner for your family.. like comfort food something easy to make. the secret to this is prepping it. i got everything chopped.e last night we oven roasted the potatoes cooked the sausage and sliced it. what i like to do with vegetables i like to try to mix them up. don’t try to put everything in one pan. then it doesn’t cook evenly. >> did you blanch the peppers? >> no. we are going to cook them after in the pan. >> peppers take a while. > take a little while, yup. > our onions. i like the red onions. got a little more flavor. >> garlic. >> then we finish



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