Roasted Red Pepper Caesar Dressing

Chef Debra Queen
>> our next guest is organico personal chef who specializes in preparing foods that were quick and healthy. joing me is debra queen. how are youu today? y? >> i’m great, how are you? >> every tieme you swing by by “connecticut style”, the aroma even after you leave, everyone says, oh, my gosh, chef queen was here and did this. i tell me you’re all about organic, clean and healthy. >> absolutely, that is all i do. they do line up afto er i get done with the plate. >> these people are brutal. >> they’rere loving it into. >> dr. mel wil come right out. you brought a lot of stuff, thef whole place is set up. u >> we’re doing griled romaine today, a cesar salad, a modified version. it’sing about to be grilled in this pan over here, your can start doing it any time you wa. >> i’m just folowing along. >> you get the pan hot. i used a lot of cast iron. >> why cast iron? >> some elemental iron le



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