Roasted Lamb Loin With Swiss Chard

We’re cooking pan roasted lamb loin with braised Swiss chard, parsnip purée and light pan sauce with Persimmon restaurant.
co that gets any to the know, but for know, we’ll head into the kitchen where vince is about toe cook some lamb.co >> absolutely.ol we’re just beginning herege.ng we have about 12 rounds to r go with my man, chef champ. that’s his name. champe speidel. >> how are you? >> i’m well. you’re from persimmon restaurantsi in bristol. you are going to makeo us fantastic lamb. >> we are. we’re going to make beautiful lamb, we’re going, to do a rie tt e. >> what is a a rie te e? >> it’s meats that you braise, cooked in a cylinder, it’snd using up the scraps, so we’re going to use one part of thofe entirety of this animal, we’ll w cook it up with parsnips, we have a great sauce, from f the original caass and that’s about it. >> what are the rest of thet ingred ients? >> these are bread crumbs, we’re going to fryin the rie t e e in. cream and milk combination. >> half and half. >> correct. >> we als



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