Roasted Lamb Chops And Eggplant Rollatini

Fred & Steve’s Steakhouse joins us to cook up some roasted lamb chops with sweet mashed potatoes, along with eggplant rollatini.
here’s to another 500.ot patrick, we’ll heapad over to you now and switch gears. what are we tking on this 500th episode day.h >> what a better way to celebrateat our 500th o e00pisode than with these two guys. to me, they don’t need’t anyne introduction as theti former sports guy,sp steve and fred, former nfl stars, now media ed stars and restaurantarau owners. fred and steve’s steakhouse.’s >> good morning. how are things going? >> it’s going great. i’m so tempted to talk aboutta the patriots with you guys right now. >> bang our heads against the ns wall right now. >> so fred andnd steve,te speaking — how long have youw guys been a bround, becarouseus you guysys reached many milesteaones. m >> coming up on four years with the restaurant. ta t.in march, it willin be w four years. we have a great reception in rhode island, wonderful people and we have ad greatav staff working for us and



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