Roasted Halibut

We’re cooking Roasted Halibut; baby fingerling potatoes and melted red onion, finés herbes, littleneck clams, green herb purée and coquiallagé fumet with Café Nuovo
always, thankful forul you and a we’re thankful for what’s happening in the kitchenit today. vince what, are wewh making?? >> i’m here with chef jason cookco from cafe nuovo, one of the finest restaurants in th reur city. jason, thanks for coming in today. we have a couple ofe dishes s today. one of them is halibut. what else are weat looking at. >> we’re doing three course,ou butternut squash soup with vanillani bean, and a deconstruction of a california roll, and halibut is actually parchment seared, so it’s direct i heat without the color.itol >> what’s the difference betweenifnctw that, why the parchment? >> what it does, you g yet the sear, the directar heat, so you’re seeing in the season — zieringso in thein seasoning, lit preparation, soo the dish is actually clams,s, light wine, that in broth is a nauge base, and yukon potatoes, and roastaned off r red onion, tomato coquiallage



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