Roasted Fruit & Nutella Pie

Chef Holly Pinafore is back in the Connecticut Style kitchen.
hopes to make women feel beautiful and think positive… she writes an on-line blog about her “delicious life” as well as an on-line magazine about her cute…quirky …sexy and very fun expersona “holly pinafore”welcome back..holly for people that aren’t familiar….you’ve got a website….which you recently revamped?we’re making something that you say will have friends and family knocking down your door for more?”— what are we making? –what are the ingrients?–how would you describe nutella…what is it? —should you use us it?nutella…what is nudescribe ri nutella…what is it?—should you use yoe whatever fruit is in season? s —let’s make the healthy raw crust…if yusou want holly pinafore’s recipe…just come to our website and click on connecticut style…holly stick around we are going to check back with you in just a bit….. coming up ne…we’ll tell .. you all about so



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