Roast Turkey With Apple Crisp

We’re cooking roast turkey and apple crisp in the kitchen with Ted’s Montana Grill.
court. pretty coolpr stuff. let’s head over to the t kitchen. lily with is ted’s montana grill. we’re making roast chickent. >> a lot of times you guys come in and do bison, burgers, that’s what you specialize in, but this is the wiseek of theee bird. tell me what g oes into the roast turkey and i know you’re making a nutty apple crisp, but of course, you’ll need the turkey. >> we start with a 12 to 14-pound turkey. average turkey you can find at the grocery store. we’re going to cut it up, separate the dark meat from the breast, oil it up, season it with some of oured’s burger seasoning, throw it on top of celery, carrots andd onions, all cut 1 inch by 1 inch. we’ll cook it up in the oven, plate it up for you. >> that will be good, because a lot of people findeo this process very tricky, so i’m going to be taking notes this t morning. ng one other thing, tell me about the nutty apple cr



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