Roast Rack Of Lamb

We’re cooking Roast Rack of Lamb with 15 Point Road Restaurant.
of it all ? >> there you go.he >> vince is in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, isn’t he? >> oh, right. absolutely and you’re smoking yourself over there, let me tell you. steve r rentshaw is here from 15 point road. >> what have we gotot going. >>itis an exciting week. it startited sunday and it’s going wall week andd i sing “celebrate good times come on.” i have a rack of lamb and it’s going to be a balsamic demi glaze,az gorgonzola and wild rice. >> i’m glad you made that t decision. i like seafood, butoo tout me, there’s nothingths better than a nice piece of meatt and a nice piece of lamb. >> and we havee wine. kendal l jackson is here. we have great wine. i want to getge this going, i don’t want you to be y hungry. >> all right. put that in there and quickly, tell me about the i tngredients. >> what we’re going to do is throw some balsamic vinegar in and this is a balsami



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