ROADTRIPPIN’: Tour An Interior Alaska Greenhouse Farm

Mark Wipfli’s a man with a mission — or many, you could say. They’re all aimed at lowering his carbon footprint. Channel 2’s Beth Verge took a tour with Mark of his greenhouse near Fairbanks, where it reached a sweltering 92 degrees inside.
road trippin’ crew. a visit to meet a man on a mission – or maybe we should say many missions – all aimed at lowering his carbon footprint. beth where are you exactly? rebecca. this is mark wipfli’s plot of land in fairbanks… and one filled with passion projects in the works – most of them earth-related in some way. he has his own ceramics studio here. a log house he’s renovated. and then there’s the one-of-a-kind house he currently calls home. but we’ll get to mark’s living conditions later. first, he gave us a backyard tour… “i do this because it’s a lot of fun and it’s great when you can harvest your own vegetables and fruit. it’s inexpensive. i mean, if you really want to save a little bit of money growing really good vegetable, this is a way to do it. peas grow like weeds here, incredibly productive! and the raspberries, too. you get a ton with vey low maintenance. so, i started



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