We met up with a group who gather to eat, drink and enjoy locally owned, unique establishments all over the country.
the officer of the month. >>> eat. drink and be merry. tis the season to enjoy. >>> so who exactly are road food-ers. they eat, meet and discuss food. >>> there is a huge plate of corned beef and eggs. >>> i’ve never been here. this is the a group of dedicated road food-ers who get together to explore cuisine >>>. i like pringle s. i like cheese curds. the people are wonderful. they will travel any distance for a good well cooked meal. >>> well food is the focus, the friendship is a bigger draw. >>> we get to places i would normally not go to by myself. >>> they take plenty of pictures. >>> they post their descriptions of their experiences, including how the food was and the ambience of the restaurant. >>> road food organizers say (inaudible) >>> restaurants like championship chicken. roasted chicken. much of the food is shared around the table. so people are not completely stuffed. two



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