Authors Jane and Michael Stern share with us the best states for Turkey!
>> mary: in omaha we pride ourselves, in enjoying good food. they have written a series of books called roadfod. welcome, james and michael stern. >> hey, how are you? [laughter] >> i like being the know it all. >> mary: we’re finally give you the credit. [laughter] >> mary: you travel the country, looking for the best food cities, and we’re talking about turkey. so, which communities do you think do thanksgiving the best? >> the survey that was sponsored, listed the 100 top cities, in the country, and the number 1 city, in the whole country was akron, ohio, not new york city. >> mary: okay. that’s midwest i guess. can we take a little bit of that from akron? and share it acros the midwest? >> well. omaha was number 35. not doing too bad. >> okay. we have spent the last four decade’s the road, singing the praises of small town restaurants, and cafes, and diners, but, this survey, that pe



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