Road Show Cooking Segment

Road Show Cooking Segment
kitchen where little live is dealing with a lovely see he door plank d salmon. >> and there’s the cedar plank. nk what i think is so funny, thatny ha we can actually smell this already wafting through theft wholeol building. di it’s incredible. and tell me why this is is wet.s >> we soak it a day if advance, only because once you put it in the oven, if it’s not wet, it’s going to burn. >> you will start a fire. >> flu. >> which is usually how my h ydishes ends up anyway, but youut want to ac ttually start s out with w the right tools. >> absolutely. a >> tell the people where you’re from. >> we’re located in cranston, rhode island, in chappell vid,ew,ch it’s directly across the street from garden city. >> and actually,, montana grill, ll the food is alwaysay great, shawn was talking about the bison b burger he had the other day o andnd you guys have h innovative green techniques to lower



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