Road 2 Recovery Food Stamps

Road 2 Recovery Food Stamps
are dealing with alot of first time food assitance applicants.. is that true and how can your program help them?<cc>this portio for closed captioning</cc> ok… let’s answer a few of the most common questions ab you receive it if you get unemployment? you can qualify for food stamps if you receive unemployment. many people probably never saw themselves in this position of utilizing government programs to take care of their family. don’t be embarrassed because you may need assistance. the food assistance program will help you provide for your family during your time of needs. next question…how do i know if i qualify for food assistance and am i eligible if i took a buyout package or lump sum from my former employers?there are income requir that will need to be met based on your household composition. eligibility is based on gross income compared to the 130% federal poverty guideli



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