RJ’S Organic Gardens

RJ talks about tomatoes
fun, fun badge the. talk about tomatoes. wait until you meet the guy i ran into at the farmer’s market. his name is rj. he dropped off these gorgeous he for us. find out why he is so in love with his tomatoes and why they’re so special. >> they call me the tomato king. i grow over a thousand varieties. i have been growing them for about 30 years. i can never find a good tomato anywhere until i started growing my own. i get seeds from all over the world, so like these tomatoes come from joe georgia. these come from asia. i’ve tried just about everywhere. i eat about 10, 20, 30 tomatoes a day, depending on the day. rj’s purple i call this. they have been growing for over 20 years so i’m claiming a name to them. this came from russia, it was aunt girdy’s purple. calling it rj’s now. best tomato, bar none. these pineapples, you slice through them, pink, red on the inside. great if you’re goi



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