Ristorante Luce

In the kitchen with Ristorante Luce in Hamden.
good chef knows your food is only as good as your ingredients, and here to fil us in is paul and from gi&j family produce joe, gentlemen, thank you for being here. hi, guys. >> how you doing. >> it is a pleasure. >> it is a pleasure to have you here. first, tell us about your place. family business. >> absolutely. almost 20 years now, all family owned and operated since 1992. >> and you specialize in? >> northern italian. >> so what is the most popular dish on th menu. >> everybody always asks the same question. >> they always ask that? i’m so predictable. what is it? >> we have so much stuff, veal, chopped steaks, fish, everything is fresh. >> your wine list is quoted as can’t be toped and you have over 1,000 bottles. >> every month it grows. >> and you agree the food is only as good as the ingredients you use. >> absolutely. >> it can make a big difference. >> if you use fresh stuf



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