Rip Roaring Ribfest

If you don’t mind eating with your hands and getting a little sticky… the Bismarck Civic Center is the place to be. The first ever Rip Roaring Ribfest kicks off today. Brad Feldman catches up with some of the early rib eaters to get their thoughts on the event. (Sound-ribs on the grill) You can’t help but smell them. (Sound) For the sake of those people in line, they are just hoping the ribs taste as good as they look. (Guy) Some places you will find that they have more tender ribs, some places have better sauce. Got to try to find the right one. The good news for these people… there are three different national ribbers here to satisfy their craving for barbeque. (Guy) Just to compare the different barbeques. Which we only tried a couple of them so far but we plan to get some more I think. it is going to be a good day yet. The vendors are happy to showcase their hardware from previous competitions. But ask them about their special recipe and nobody’s talking. (Guy) Its the quality of the meat mostly and North Dakota has some good meats so its kind of hard to beat North Dakota Barbeque. So the best thing to do when coming to ribfest is… (Sound-paper towels) taste as many as you can since your taste buds will help determine the winner of the first ever ribfest. And come back for seconds.. (Guy) Be back later tonight. Brad Feldman KX News Ribfest continues at the Bismarck Civic Center from 11 am to 11 p-m until saturday. Tomorrow from eleven in the morning until two in the afternoon, some of the proceeds from the event will go to charity.



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