Rich Sweet Potatoes

couple on thanksgiving contest for sides.
that your education plan can fit around the life you lead. people have children and other jobs and other commitments in their lives, and you can almost get your education crafted to what you can do. >> very cool. and these chefs get out and get jobs and get paid. so it’s a growing field. >> you bet. >> enough talk. you got to give it a taste. at the very end, chef scott will decide which of the side dishes is the big time winner. they’re all winners in my book. >> and. >> thanks. >> i think that means he likes it. >> it’s terrific. really, really, really g you can taste the sweet potato and the conut. it’s really light from the egg in there. >> i know, and the topping. yum. all right. well, are they going to be the buying winners or is our next contestant, a cream of mushroom wild rice soup? you’re going to



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