Rich Dahlquist Heads Into The Kitchen

Cook his chicken recipe for dinner tonight
>> well, we have a yummy chicken. you love cooking. >> yeah, i start when i was like 9. i got up early to watch the cartoon and i was always the first one up and i ventured in and i started cooking and made pancakes and waffles. you never had major issues like with burning anything. >> no, nothing like that surprisingly. >> well, my mother would put in a pitcher and that was it. cartoon and cereal. >> we, yeah, coa puffs for me and then, in high school, i started cooking. i just liked cooking. >> well, look at that. >> well, yeah — >> i like cutlery. >> yeah, and you have a fancy knife. >> well, i borrowed this from my mom and never returned it. >> what are you making. >> chicken marsala. >> i’ll add in the garlic. we chopped that up and we crushed it first. then, after that, chopped it up nicely. that gets your garlic and cooking for me, anything with garlic and olive oil. >> i love th



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