Rice Pie

Sweet Maria’s shows us how to make a rice pie for Easter.
into a chef’s kitchen. >> all right, everybody, welcome back. if you love to bake or you need something simple that will wow your guests, this is a book you must have in your kitchen. >> it is called “swet maria’s big baking bible”. welcome to the show. good to see you. >> we’re making easter treats today. >> we are. i love to share this recipe, this is my grand mother’s easter rice pie. a lot of italian americans have a tradition of easter rice pie. this is a cros. >> how long does take? >> just a few minutes. the main thing is getting your rice done, it is basic white rice, can be done a day ahead of time. >> you have the right. >> ricotta cheese, sugar, milk, eggs and cinnamon on top. four egs in here, going to ad the sugar. if you want to give me a little shot of vanila that would be great. >> talk us through this, as well. >> you can give a little shot. about two teaspoons are so. >



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