Ribs For Non-Profit

They are cooking up a tasty slab of ribs for your plate. A little sizzle mixed with thier own Bar-b-que sauce is Firehouse’s main selling point. Firehouse Ribs is the newest state-inspected meat processor. And they are gearing up to sell their St. Louis style andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/porkandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;Porkandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; spareribs with their one and only Firehouse sauce at restaurants, grocery stores and convience stores across the state. What makes it unique is it’s non-profit. Meaning the money made selling ribs will support state volunteer fire-fighter training programs. (Darrell Graf, Fire Academy of ND Chief) andamp;quot;This is a win, win, win situation. And here is why, the people that buy the ribs win in two ways, one they get the best ribs that they have ever eaten, the second is the procedes go to fire fighter training, which eventaully may wind up right back in their communities, so if they have a fire or their neighbor has a fire the firemen should be much better at effective and efficient extingishmentandamp;quot; Graf says in about 2 weeks the andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/medina-ndandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;Medinaandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; restaurant will be open. He also says by then their smokehouse ribs will be selling in grocery and convience stores across the state.



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