RibFest’s Bike Show

Sean Daly talks about the bike show at the RibFest happening Sunday.
>> sean, you’re also checking out some other hog, aren’t you? yeah. i need the pepto right about now! [ laughter ] >> you can hear it. so besides all the saucy delectables assayed before, today there’s an auto show and a bike show. we have tony c from full throttle magazine, the motorcycle magazine. is your bike magazine one of those that has the bikini women on the front? >> you know, there’s no hurting for beautiful women here in tampa bay. >> reverend gym jim. >> motorcycles will run the gamut from half million dollars to custom built to world championship preservation award winners, cafe racers, baggers, there’s going to be every bike from of price range for anything you want. >> check out this one. talking about the preservation, right? tell us about this beauty right here. >> this particular bike comes out of the collection of bob demos a local collector. this bike is one of two. i



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