Ribfest In Fort Wayne

Ribfest in Fort Wayne is in full swing.
the other venders get in on the action. 9:55 mike cheese shack we trade our cheese for ribs, it’s a good deal. why our favorite event. and martha stewart’s magazine named it one of the top bbq festivals in the country. 57:15 cindy we got top grillers in country down here, those ribs are hard to perfect. but today i got a cooking lesson at twoat guys bbq to try. after six hours in the smoker – it’s on the grill they go to heat back up – and get saucy. 59:00 they’re tasty, but not pretty so with a mop… 59:45 get it good and saucy and slop it on but there was one side effect i wasn’t ready for 2:33 how do you get used to smoke in your eyes.. . then i had to flip them, which is harder than it looks. 00:25 this is a big one, i didn’t break it, i almost got fired and i don’t work here even with the economy – rib venders are seeing more people dig in. 4:15 dale people staying close to home an



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