Ribfest Comes To Bismarck

Some of the best barbeque will soon be coming to Bismarck. The Rip Roaring Ribfest kicks off this Thursday at the Bismarck Civic Center. Four national ribbers will compete to see who cooks the best ribs, brisket and chicken. Today, two of the rib cooks are giving members of the media a sample. Although they are not able to share their secret recipe, they will guarantee this is the best barbeque you will ever eat. (Dan Johnson/ Johnson’s Bar-B-Que) I have a special procedure for my competition ribs where I hope to beat hm when I compete. (Dallas Green/ Cowboy BBQ) But it aint happen up to this point but he is still in hopes that before he dies he can really beat the snot out of me. And as far as Cowboys is concerend we just use a great rub. We start with a great product and if I told you anything else i’d have to take the whole state home with me. Ribfest will be taking place this Thursday through Saturday in Lot D of the Bismarck Civic Center. Gates are open each day from eleven in the morning until eleven at night. There will be live music games and many other events each day.



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